Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility is an important guiding principle we value at INSIDE - The Art of Craftsmanship.

The respect and connection to the land and natural resources we use is projected through our actions. We comply not only with all the international guidelines, but our best practices is to ensure we use the highest quality standards available.


Social Responsibility

Our philanthropic involvement goes further into social groups, where adding to our awareness, INSIDE - The Art of Craftsmanship is committed to supporting the community through various charitable projects.

We have been working with the school of "Padre José Kentenich" in Ecuador, and a non-profit group call "Fundación Hombres y Mujeres de Virtud" (Men and Women of Virtue Foundation) in Colombia, supporting education, and school supplies to help with their education.

We have also created a program to sponsor a child from every door that we sell.


Children at the school of "Padre José Kentenich"


Children at the foundation of  "Fundación Hombres y Mujeres de Virtud"

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