How to prevent a natural catastrophe by installing pivot doors

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Natural catastrophes are sudden and extreme events that cause great loss of human and material lives. They are caused by many factors, some of them can be: abrupt weather changes and climatic factors. The truth is that, the man, despite having developed technologies and cutting-edge electronic equipment that greatly facilitate people’s life, has not yet found a way to predict or, better yet, avoid natural disasters. They are simply a mystery to all the people that inhabit the earth. For this and many reasons, it is imperative to safeguard our homes, having strong and resistant structures within our homes, so that our loved ones are also protected in that way. And what better way to do it than installing a pivot door in our home.

The pivot doors, despite having an elegant and sophisticated design that makes them attractive to the eye,  they are also able to protect your home efficiently; not only from intruders or thieves but also in relation to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and fires.


How do Pivot doors favor in the case of fires?

Puerta de Pivote quemada

The pivot doors are completely different from a conventional door. They do not have hinges like traditional doors. They contain rotating vertical axes located at the top and bottom of the door leaf. This type of door can be manufactured with all kinds of materials whether wood, metal, steel etc. But there is a type of pivot door that has begun to be frequently used in different places such as hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, and homes, which have an important role in the dissipation of fire. This type of door is called short fires. They prevent the fire from spreading thanks to their system of sectoral compartmentalization, thus allowing people a quick exit from the place. There are endless materials that are used for the manufacture of these doors such as: glazed, resistant steel, wood, sliding, standard and acoustics that in spite of performing their fire-cut function also isolate loud sounds. These are the ones installed in cinemas, discos, etc. So when choosing a pivot door you will have several types of doors that fit the particularities that require your business or home.

The solid wood are the most used and most effective for this work. Because of its insulating condition, it works as a barrier against high temperatures. For this reason Pivot doors made of solid wood are not only eye-catching but are also made to protect your home against natural phenomena.

How do Pivot doors favor in the case of telluric movements?

Puerta pivotante del terremoto

The pivot doors have a particularity that gives them a plus of sophistication. Virtually no other type of door has this quality, and it is that they are extremely large. But this feature does not only have a visual function. These doors (or being more specific frames of this type of large doors) help when an earthquake or seism occurs.

When a movement of this kind happens it is necessary to find a place for our shelter. In this case, the frame of the pivoting doors is ideal. In order for the frame to support the robust pivot door leaf, it must be made of resistant materials such as solid wood, metal or steel. In this case, this frame would be a safe place for the protection of physical integrity, in the case of an extreme event such as an earthquake. It is important to highlight that aluminum or light wood frames are not safe to perform this function.

Pivot doors against hurricanes

Puerta pivotante de huracán

One of the most devastating weather phenomena that happen especially on the coasts is the hurricane. This phenomenon occurs unexpectedly and can wipe out with a speed of 120 km per hour or more. That is why in a climate event of this category, it is recommended that homes, hospitals, hotels and all types of buildings have pivot doors designed to withstand hurricanes, water pressure and strong impacts.

It is important to highlight that we are not exempt from a natural disaster, on the contrary it can happen any time in our homes, that is why we must always be prepared and invest in structures that offer greater security, such as pivot doors.

At InsideArtisticDoors we care about your safety, all our pivot doors are certified by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. So you can have total security that when installing our doors, you will be adding extra security to your home against natural disasters.

Structural process for the manufacture of a Pivot Door

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Nowadays, doors have become an element of great importance in homes. They must reflect elegance and brightness to be used as a decorative element, at the same time they must be strong and resistant to provide the protection you home need. You will find all these qualities in solid wood Pivot doors. This type of doors have a modern opening system, in which the conventional hinges are replaced by bolts or vertical rotating axes located in the lower and upper part of the door leaf. Generally these types of doors are large, which makes them look majestic. They can be manufactured with all kinds of materials, being glass, solid wood and steel the most used.

Needless to say, the pivot doors offer countless benefits for your home. Its esthetics, resistance and large size, make that buying this type of doors a great investment. An important aspect that must be taken into account and that usually generates doubts in customers is the structural process for its manufacture. In the present article we will show you through a set of steps how the Pivot doors are elaborated by InsideArtisticDoors.

1. Choosing the wood

Pivot Door Materials

Choosing the right wood to manufacture a Pivot Door is a very important task, since the final work of the door lies in the choice of the wood. That is why its strength, firmness and durability must be evaluated. In the market there are a variety of types of wood for all tastes, differentiating one from the others by its color and texture.

2. Quality Assurance (QA)

Pivot Door Quality Assurance

Our pivot doors comply with all security guarantees; For this, the quality control certifies that the wood used for this purpose meets all the requirements, such as durability, strength and firmness. All our doors are certified by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, which guarantees a maximum level of protection against water pressure, strong impacts and impacts of nature.

3. Structural Process

Pivot Door Structural Process

The structures of the doors such as fences, leaves, bolts, the installation of the falls, the wood and frame boards, must be designed properly to achieve an impeccable work, this is achieved by rigorously attending the structural process for the creation of the Pivot doors made of solid wood.

In InsideArtisticDoors we offer our clients products that meet the highest quality standards, elaborated with great professionalism, applying rigorous quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. This guarantees you the creation of a durable product with optimal finishes.

Pivot Doors, what are they? And how they work?

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Would you like to have a modern, safe and elegant house? Be the envy of your neighbors, and that everyone is pleasantly surprised to see the entrance to your home? If that is your case, then the pivot doors are ideal for you.

There are few things that will give a touch of elegance, glamour and good taste to a house as its exterior door. In them, the eyes are placed upon arrival. Therefore, it is very important to choose the one that suits the needs of each one.

For each house there is an ideal type of door. In the market of doors there are a large number of models and classes. There are: armored, French, Dutch, sliding, swivel, folding, unfolding, solid wood, personalized. In short, a great variety for all tastes and budgets.

In this article we will go slow to talk extensively about a type of door that is different from the traditional ones. Its goal of creation is not simply to allow or block the passage, but what’s more is that it has a style that seduces the eye. Its modernity, innovation, safety and easy installation make it unique in the market. We are talking about “the Pivot doors”.

What are pivot doors?

Pivot Doors

A Pivot door is the one that consists of a single leaf. Its dimensions can be adapted to your needs taking into account the space that is available. They leave a wide opening space, and can rotate from one direction to another.

This type of door is unusual because of its peculiar opening, very different from what is customary. We know the conventional doors that open by hinges. These hinges connect the door with the frame of the wall and support the weight of the door. The pivot doors are not the same. They replace the hinges by rotating axes or bolts that fix the lower side with the floor and the upper side of the leaf with the frame. This allows it to turn from one side to another. All this system is hidden from view, giving it an esthetic touch and contemporary style.

This kind of pivot doors is fully customizable. They vary as far as the materials of manufacture, since they can be of wood, metal, aluminum, glass etc. The finishes have a wide range of designs such as: bicolor, aged, those that resemble wood, lacquered colors and more. The dimensions can be the size you choose. From standard size to the most requested that measures 2 meters wide and 3 meters long. There are no measures that limit the pivot doors.

Besides, other of the strong points of this type of door is that they are highly silent due to the absence of hinges. They are luminous thanks to its wide opening system, also resistant for its heavy, thick and solid texture and, of course, safe for its firmness and resistance to impacts.

How safe are the Pivot doors?

Safety is one of the most important points taken into account when choosing a door. Currently a wave of delinquency and organized crime has been strongly unleashed at a global level. This goes against the wellbeing of families. Behold a door that provides that tranquility that we all want, it comes to represent a very rewarding investment.

Concisely, this type of door will protect the outside of the home. It has a high level of security compared to other types of doors. They are ideal for big homes, chalet, mansions and more. In the same way, these doors admit the installation of an advanced security system such as Domotic. Domotic are electronic systems that can detect the presence of strangers and simultaneously close and open the doors by distance or with the fingerprint.

Therefore, these doors are complete, because they provide security and at the same time an elegant and refined style.

How do Pivot doors work?


These type of doors work in a new-fangled way. They replace the traditional hinges with bolts fixed to the top and bottom of the door leaf. This mechanism achieves rotation on both sides.
The bolts support the weight and fix the door to the floor. Therefore, the door can be opened up to 130º from one direction to another.

The axis of the Pivots can be located on a side or in the center of the leaf. It varies according to taste, functionality, space and design. This type of door has a system of hinges hidden from view that make it fit into the wall. The handle can be camouflaged inside the leaf simulating a very elegant invisibility effect.

The Pivot doors can be used for both the exterior and the interior of the house, including the access to the garden.

Thanks to its functionality, esthetics and benefits are used in industrial spaces and health centers. At the same time, in areas that need to maintain a cold temperature such as cold rooms and more.

Finally, it is important to add that doors are one of the most important points of attention in a house. On them the attention of visitors is focused before entering. It is recommended to be as safe, resistant and esthetic as possible. These conditions are fully achieved by the pivot doors.

It should be noted that one of the few, or perhaps, the only negative aspect of the acquisition of this type of door, is in relation to its high price. Even so, taking into account the benefits of this type of doors, we realize how necessary they can be.

Replace the doors for an incredible entrance

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The entrance to your house says more about yourself than you imagine. Many times, we think that the entrance or facade of our homes is not as important as the interior. But this is not entirely true, because the face of the house is the front. There the eyes of every person are put before passing. This gives us an idea of what we will find inside. For this reason, our priority should be to try to make it look as good as possible. To achieve this goal, we must have innovative and artistic details that reflect a new environment, which reflects a unique style. You can achieve this effect by replacing your current door with a door that perfectly suits your structural needs. The pivoting doors, solid wood and sliding doors are the best to make the entrance of your house look amazing, radiant and colorful.

In this article we will show the different types of doors that would highlight the facade of each type of house to make them look fantastic.

Contemporary houses

These types of houses have a modern and simple style. In a house with contemporary design simplicity is essential; it gives a refined and clean touch. This type of house seeks to get as much natural light as possible. The idea is to be in tune with the environment therefore, they are identified by the use of recyclable materials in the construction and decoration of the home.

A pivoting door is ideal for highlight the entrance of this type of elegant house. These have the peculiarity of having huge openings, which would allow the passage of natural light and can be manufactured with the materials that are preferred. A crystallized Pivot door for the entrance to your contemporary home would be fabulous.


Old or colonial houses

Many people dream of owning an old colonial home. Although these have been renovated and adapted to the needs of modern life, they do not stop having a unique and special condition. This ancient style has the peculiarity of moving to the past.

To emphasize its facade, a two-leaf Victorian door or a traditional one-leaf solid wood with glass would be ideal; this type of door would provide a spectacular look to your fore taking into account its age and structure.

Another important point that you should take into account for the facade of an old house is the color. What would you think of a door with a bright color? Some shades such as turquoise, green and aquamarine are very fashionable for this type of house. This combination would undoubtedly highlight the entrance of your home giving it a seductive and radiant look just for the style of the old houses.


Minimalist Houses


A house of minimalist type follows the saying that less is more. As in contemporary homes, simplicity is sought in decoration and the exclusion of excesses and pretensions. These houses are characterized by having geometric figures such as squares, rectangles, and triangles in their structure. Functionality is the primary characteristic of minimalism. Like the contact with nature for its large gardens. Glass and iron undoubtedly dominate the minimalist style.

A pivoting door made of solid wood would provide an incredible and dreamy entrance to this type of home. It really would highlight her and make her look amazing as well as let natural light go by.


Rustic country houses


These styles of houses are usually located in adjacent areas and distant from the cities. It is the best option to rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of the cities, enjoy contact with nature and have moments to share as a family.

To emphasize its facade, we must respect its structure and its contact with the environment. Therefore, the large windows of glass are very practical. A main door made of sturdy solid wood of Dutch type is indicated. This type of door is divided into two parts horizontally. If painted in a vibrant color, the door would give a cheerful air to the facade of your country home. Highlighting it and making it look great.

Wood is the elemental material in houses of this type. Due to its particular resistance and elegance, it can also be used on the facade, as well as on the furniture and floors of country houses.


Mediterranean style houses


It refers to the deep sea, the blue color and the Mediterranean waters of Spain, France, Morocco, Greece and others. These types of houses are characterized by allowing the entry of natural light, huge terraces and gardens. The walls are usually covered with stones from this area or painted white. His style emphasizes simplicity in decoration.

The Mediterranean houses give great importance to the outside because there is where most family activities are performed, therefore, it has gardens and giant courtyards.

Because the exterior is the most important for this style of houses, making it look radiant and attractive is elementary. For this purpose, we can install an external door with materials such as iron or wood with crystals in the middle for the entrance of sunlight. These can be pivoting or folding, as both doors allow the opening inwards or outwards, thus giving an entrance with natural style, diaphanous and beautiful.

It is important to point out that each house is unique and that each have a different style and essence. Choosing the door that will make your home look majestic is not an easy task. Many times, we fear changes because of the uncertainty that causes us. But, when it comes to the entrance to your house, it’s worth a try because it represents the soul of the home, and for that reason we must put all our effort and love to make our entrance look dreamlike. This effect is achieved if we include modern, harmonious, elegant and above all safe door styles, with no expense spares. The pivoting doors offer all these advantages because they adapt to almost all the entrances making it look majestic and constituting the best investment of your life. So adapt one to your home and you will not regret it.

Artisanal doors. Know its history and evolution over time

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Artisanal doors inside

What is a door? Etymologically speaking “a door is an opening in a wall or fence that goes from the ground to a suitable height and allows you to move from one place or environment to another.” The door has existed for many years. In prehistoric times, people who lived in caves would cover the entrance to the cave with different materials such as: dry tree branches, rocks and skins of the animals that they hunted, in order to protect themselves from the cold and wild beasts that wandered in the night. These inventive ways to cover the entrance of a cave, simulate what is known today as a door.

The concept of a door has evolved over time and nowadays, doors are not only used to protect us from the outside, or to exercise the basic function of allowing passage or blocking it, but now, they represent a true work of art and status, especially if it is about artisanal doors.

Artisanal doors

The doors are essential in a home or building in general, it can definitely not be missed. For this reason, the forms and materials used for its preparation and design have been diversified. But there is a type of door that represents an unparalleled work of art by the process of its manufacture; the artisanal doors.

This type of door is created under a scheme of utilitarian and esthetic value by an artisan. Usually they are elaborated through this material so noble, versatile and durable that is the wood. The advantage of working on wooden doors is that multiple forms can be obtained, but for this it requires the application of various procedures, depending on whether they are hard or soft to be carved. Artisanal wooden doors are true works of art and this complex work can be done with such basic tools as a manual lathe, hammers, files, varnishes, sandpaper and chisels.

For this reason, these pieces are created in craft workshops and not in an industry where they are manufactured in series. And the most important thing is that they can be designed to suit the client with the materials that they prefer. Similarly, the artisanal wooden door can be worked through pyrography; which is a process of drawing a figure on the wood with a hot brass tip. The most interesting of this process, is that the figures can be personalized by the client giving it a strikingly elegant result.

In short, the artisan doors are for those clients who are passionate about art and exclusivity.

Evolution of artisanal doors

inside artistic doors Artisanal doors

Throughout the history of humanity, traditional doors have always been the protagonists of all construction, as they represent an element of defense, protection and status of housing.

In most of the ancient cultures, access to raw materials was the most important factor when making a door; a practical, accessible and resistant material was needed. That is why wood became the most prominent and used material at that time, because it was in the environment and did not need a rigorous process for its transformation. Except for the Minoan civilization that used plaster and the Sumerians worked the bronze in large portals.

There are many doors preserved in museums, such as the door of a tomb in honor of IyKa from the year 4500 BC in Egypt. This door was made of wood covered with gold and encrusted with blue enamels. The Romans stood out in paneled doors that took ornaments in the form of slats carved in the soffits.

The typical door of the middle Ages was made with boards pierced with nails that resemble the current tongue-and-groove style. After the average age, the doors are imposed, with central styling and geometric drawings. In the XIV and XV centuries the Gothic style is imposed with parchment adornments that imitate canvases. Then in the eighteenth century there is a synthesis between the classical and the baroque, introducing new decorative materials such as: ivory inlays, nacre, bronze sconces, mirrors, etc.

In the 19th century the Victorian door began to be fashionable, using geometric elements. From the twentieth century the flat door of plywood board is imposed for its simplicity and practicality.

Currently, in the 21st century, there is an infinite variety of artisanal doors which have different shapes, dimensions and materials for their manufacture. Although it should be noted that wood is still the material par excellence in the development of artisanal doors, it is followed by glass and aluminum.

To conclude, we must point out that a door is not only an opening through which one enters and leaves, but it is also a true work of art, especially if it is about artisanal doors. These are original and exclusive pieces that embellish the entrance of any home. They have evolved over time from prehistory to the present day. The artisans have carried out this noble task with care and dedication because we cannot forget that to make an artisanal door, something more than a vocation is required, since it is an arduous and full-time job. The advantage of the handmade door as we have said before is that it can be customized according to the client’s taste and for that reason a door with unique designs could be achieved.

Pivot doors, find out why you should have one

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One of the most important elements that a house should have is a safe and resistant door. A door that provides security and prevents the entry of strangers and thieves would be ideal. But if in addition to this, it offers a nice design that brings elegance and modernity, then we would be talking about the perfect door. In this article we are going to focus on a type of door that meets all the aforementioned conditions: the pivot doors.

Pivot doors


Its origin goes back to ancient times where they were built with rocks and stones. In some films like the Mummy and Indiana Jones you can see this type of architecture. With the passage of time, door designers have copied the model giving it an innovative and modern touch.

Pivot doors with vertical axis are those that replace the traditional hinges by rotating bolts located at the lower and upper end of the door, hidden from view. The bolts are fixed to the floor and the wall frame. They offer a greater opening space compared to other door models, opening 130º when opening. Thanks to its advanced mechanism devoid of hinges the doors can be opened outwards or inwards.

This type of door is characterized by having a great resistance, solidity, stable, safe, esthetic, heavy and at the same time silent. Because of their advantageous uses, they have begun to be used in health centers, industrial sectors, cold stores, restaurants, chalet-style houses, villas, mansions, among others.

Pivot doors do not have a standard dimension, they adapt to any type of design and space. They can be manufactured to measure 6 ft wide and 10 ft high. The bigger, the more comfortable they are.

As for its installation, it does not represent a great obstacle. With good tools, an instruction manual, some time and help you can install them yourself. Although for a better result it is advisable to resort to a professional.

Advantages of pivot doors

Among the advantages and benefits that we will obtain when installing a Pivot door in our homes or businesses, the following stand out:

  • They have an elegant, modern and contemporary style
  • Thanks to its rotary bolt system, the door can be opened forwards or backwards.
  • They have extremely large dimensions.
  • The doors are usually silent and strong
  • You can install an electronic security system that allows you to open the door with a command pattern, fingerprint or an alarm.
  • It is bright due to its wide opening.
  • They can be manufactured with any type of material: glass, wood, metal….
  • Due to its hermetic closing system and great robustness they have the property of acoustic insulation. They do not let the noise pass.
  • There is a great variety of designs and finishes.
  • The designs can be customized to your liking and convenience
  • There is a style of pivot doors that are coplanar; it means that they can be integrated into the wall, giving a spectacular touch of invisibility to the door.
  • Despite being large and heavy, the Pivot Doors do not require a major effort to open them. They are quite soft and docile to open.

Why should you have a pivot door?

Our house is our most sacred temple, in it we feel calm, relaxed, and happy because we live with people of trust and great esteem. Most people consider their home as a comfort zone that will surely relieve tension from the outside. For this reason, our home must always have the best, the most esthetic, the best quality and what makes us feel safe and confident, both for the protection of us and our families. For this and many other reasons, you should have a pivot door in your home.

A pivot door will give your home a modern and refined touch. With its dreamy designs, its varied manufacturing materials, prominent dimensions and incredible openness, your house will radiate innovation and elegance.

In addition to being esthetic and colorful doors, they are highly safe and resistant, since they are made to prevent or in that case make it difficult for a stranger to enter your home thanks to its opening system and robustness in its leaf.

These doors have a characteristic that makes them special and is the ability to isolate the noise. Yes, as you read it. Thanks to its hermetic closing, robustness and heaviness achieve acoustic soundproofing. It allows you to have a pleasant rest without disturbing noises.

It can be the size and design you want. Among the most requested offers: painted, wood veneer, synthetic, glass, lacquered and more. It is used both for the exterior and for the interior of your home.

Thanks to its prominent, unusual and original style, this type of doors will add an elegant and esthetic touch to your facade, which will surely cause the amazement of friends and visitors. By itself the pivot doors stand out and attract the attention of all, for their impressive magnitude and amazing personalized designs.

There is no doubt that buying a pivot door is one of the best investments we can make in our homes. Despite having a higher cost than traditional doors, they are worth it!